House Rules

House Rules
1) No Kender.
And no characters even remotely LIKE Kender, either. It’s not cute and it makes me feel stabby.

2) No rule-lawyers.
If you don’t have the book with you, you can’t cite rules from it. So if you want to be a dick, bring the books you’re whining about, otherwise, shush.
Even if the rule says one thing, if the rule is deemed nonsensical, the GM will make a GM call and ignore or modify said rule. This won’t be arbitrary, if you ask politely I will explain my reasoning.

3) Be respectful of yourself, the GM, and other players.
I am dead serious. If I have to scream and yell to be heard, the game ends.
If you are insulting and rude to your fellow gamers, you will be asked to leave.

4) This is a ROLE-playing game, not a ROLL-playing game.
Your character is more important than the dice you roll.
The story is also more important than dice rolls. Some parts of the story will be advanced simply on role-playing ability, not whether or not you can make a bluff check.

5) No computers at the gaming table. Print out your character sheet and join everyone else.
Not everyone has a laptop. Not only that, but the screens create walls that don’t need to be up between the party members.
The GM is the only one allowed to have a screen up. And that’s just so you guys can’t see my maps.

6) Don’t re-create a fantasy character from some book you read.
Trust me, I’ve probably read it and I definitely will kill you for your lack of imagination. Do something different. One more Dark Elf Ranger with Two-Weapon Fighting and a Panther Animal Companion and you just might not live to regret it.

7) If I have to throw the big dice at you, both you and your character take damage. :)

8) A rule created because of Jake: You are limited to TWO bad puns per hour.
That does go for everyone else too, but if you can make Jake’s head hurt with a pun, you get extra points.

9) You get extra XP you can give away for good role-playing or brilliant observations.
Use it. I started doing this awhile ago to encourage good playing.

10) Have fun.
This is supposed to be a big social game. Smile and enjoy it, and don’t take it, or yourselves, too seriously.

House Rules

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