Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips for Character Creation and Gameplay:
Stat Rolls: Roll your characters first-level stats as such. Roll 3d6. Re-roll ones. If the total stat (with ones re-rolled) is less than 10, re-roll stat again. Do this 7 times. Choose where you want your stats. The 7th stat is “Luck”. It works just like your standard 6 stats, but is unable to be stat-bumped after character creation.

Exploding Dice: When you roll a 20, you’ve rolled a natural 20 and should auto-succeed, in general. However, in my game, a 20 is an exploding die… and means you reroll and add the totals. Example: Beau is making a reflex save. He rolls a 20. He says “20!” or “Exploder!” and rolls his d20 again. He rolls a 14. His total roll was 34, and now can add his save to the roll. (All combat rolls, including damage rolls, can explode as well.)

XP Bomb: Every drop of XP helps, and occasionally the GM will throw a wadded up piece of paper at you with a number followed by “XP” written on it. You may keep this XP or split it with another player, or hold it in reserve for item creation. After it is used, the paper goes away.

Character Points: Character points are mini Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free points. You earn character points for brilliant roleplay or bribing the GM in varying ways. Character points can be spent to do many things in-game, such as: re-rolling a botch, forcing a plot-point change, dicking over another player character, subbing in for APs when a character is out, stabilizing a dying character, etc. Character points are very versitile, and thus very valuable.

Achievements: There is a list of achievements for this game that will be going up in the next month or so on Obsidian Portal. Whenever a character gets an achievement, he gets an extra Action Point (though some Achievements may grant more APs, and some may grant Character Points (CPs) instead). This Action Point does not have to be spent in the session it is earned.

Bribe the GM: It works. Bringing “Snackrifices” to a game will earn you XP Bombs, Action Points, and/or Character Points, depending on the whim of the GM. (Anyone who brings noms, booze, or caffiene for the entire party automatically gets character points, plural.) And despite what you may have heard, bribing the GM with sex doesn’t work. If she wanted to get laid, she wouldn’t be playing D&D with you.

Miniatures: It’s heavily suggested that you acquire a mini to represent your character. We don’t exactly use the minis rules, but it makes “okay, there you are and there is where the dragon is, and now he’s eating your head” a little easier to illustrate.

Adventure Log: If you post an in-character journal entry to the Adventure Log on Obsidian Portal after a gaming session, you’ll earn 1-3 extra APs for the next session. (The amount varies on how detailed the log is.)

Hints and Tips

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