Character Creation and Leveling

Starting Effective Character Level


Allowed Classes:

Player’s Handbook: all base classes allowed
Dungeon Master’s Guide: NPC classes NOT allowed
Player’s Handbook 2: all base classes allowed EXCEPT Duskblade
Eberron Campaign Setting: all base classes allowed
Complete Adventurer: all base classes allowed EXCEPT Ninja, Spellthief
Complete Divine: all base classes allowed EXCEPT Shugenja
Complete Warrior: all base classes allowed
Complete Arcane: all base classes allowed EXCEPT Wu Jen
Complete Scoundrel: all base classes allowed

Psionics: talk to me first. Must have played a psion before, must have the Expanded Psionics Handbook.

Multiclassing is not allowed until ECL 6. Must meet in-game roleplay requirements to multiclass. Multiclass without penalty.

Prestige classes (whether it lists so or not in the requirements) will have a in-game roleplaying component that must be met before taking levels in this class. All prestige classes from the above books and all Eberron-specific books are allowed.

Allowed Races:

Eberron Campaign Setting: all PC races allowed. Races are as per the Eberron Campaign setting, NOT as per the Player’s Handbook.

No monster/monsterous races allowed. No races from any other book other than the Eberron Campaign Setting allowed.

Stats at First Level:

Stat Rolls: Roll your characters first-level stats as such. Roll 3d6. Re-roll ones. If the total stat (with ones re-rolled) is less than 10, re-roll stat again. Do this 7 times. Choose where you want your stats. The 7th stat is “Luck”. It works just like your standard 6 stats, but is unable to be stat-bumped after character creation.

Hit Points:

Take max hit points at first level. (If your hit die is a d8, for example, you will take 8 + CON modifier at level 1 instead of rolling for your HP).

After that, you will manually roll your hit points for each level. Your roll can not be less than half your hit die. If it is, reroll. (Using the d8 again, this means if you roll a 1, 2, or 3, you would reroll until you had a 4 or higher, then add your CON.)

CON modifiers are recursive. If your CON modifier is adjusted, then your hit points are adjusted accordingly.

A Word on Gender:

If you are male, play a male character. If you are female, play a female one. This makes life easier on everyone. You probably can’t play another gender effectively :P and it’s painful for the GM to watch you try.

If you’re playing a race with no technical gender (such as a Warforged), you may opt to leave them gender-nuetral or take on a gender role identical to your own. Thanks.

Secondary Characters:

Character death is a reality, especially if you’re going for the Achievement Whore achievement. (Seriously. Half the achievements may get you killed. A lot.) If you choose to built a second character, feel free, using these same rules.

At your first character death (or removal, due to in-game reasons… trapped for eternity or kidnapped or whatnot), you may create a second character of the same level (rounded down to the base XP required for the level). You may speak with the GM about gear and gold.

Every subsequent character created for this campaign will be “halfed out”, or at half the level, rounded down, of the character it is replacing.

Try not to die too much.

Character Creation and Leveling

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