Alignment discussion

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As the GM of this campaign, I’d like to point out that with the one-step alignment rule, you’re all going to have to either pick in one quad of the alignment map. This means LG/NG/LN/TN, OR CG/NG/CN/TN, OR LE/LN/NE/TN, OR CE/NE/CN/TN.

The storyline lends more towards the player characters being either lawful or good (or both, though not necessary).

Edit by Beau: I am going to be the bastard who narrows the selection to lawful alignments.

Edit by Feral: Damn, and I was going for chaotic, don’t really care about the good or evil part.

Edit by Liz: I spoke with Feral. I’m going to let him be chaotic and Beau be lawful, which means the other three of you are open for chaotic OR lawful alignments. One of those two are going to be the odd man out, but there’s reason for it.

Alignment discussion

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