Tall, langy humanoid in loose fitting dusty brown robes


I am trying something different with this character, as the game progresses and you learn more about the character, more will be reviled on the character sheet

Race: Humanoid
Class: Monk
Alignment: Lawful ____
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Olive
Hair: Unknown
Languages: Common, Hidden

HP: Hidden
AC: Hidden
Fort: Hidden
Ref: Hidden
Will: Hidden
Move: 30

Str: Hidden
Dex: Hidden
Con: Hidden
Int: Hidden
Wis: Hidden
Chr: Hidden
Lck: Hidden

Attack: Hidden
Init: Hidden
Grapple: Hidden
Weapons: Hidden

Traits: Skinny

Feats: Hidden

Skills: Hidden

Special: Hidden


With loose fitting, light weight dusty brown clothing covering his entire body, including his head and face, it is impossible to tell much about Xal.

What can be seen is that he is very tall, six and a half feet, and impossibly thin, only 160 pounds. Astute observers will notice a black hexagonal prism made of metal hanging from his belt as the only external adornment on his person. Xal commonly will have an unfocused look to his stare as though looking at a distant location. When someone looks in his slate gray eyes, they get the unnerving feeling everything around them is only there because Xal wills it so. When he speaks, his voice is soft and fairly high pitched for a male but full of frost and arrogance. His speech is strangely accented and highly formalized as one who is not a native speaker.

Occasionally stopping for some small jobs, he is on the road more often than not. People have seen him in inns and taverns through out the northern towns. When he comes into town, he always asks if people have been going missing. While in town, he will sometimes play games, (darts, knives, dice, cards, etc.), but always he talks of a terrible evil that will come from the shadows.

After a particularly good job in Wroat, he has gathered enough money to afford to take the Lightning Rail to Sharn…


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