Eberron: Shards of Dreams

Party Formation (Xal)

While on the Lightning Rail today, I met agroup who may be useful to me in completing my search. After the box came to a sudden stop, which is apparently excedingly rare, there was an elf who pulled out a wand and blew the glass out of one side of the car. Reacting a little to slowly to stop the initial blast, I was able to break the wand so that he could no longer use it and assist him off the train forcefully.

Once he was off the train, the officials and a few of the passingers began asking questions as he got away. Another elf calling himself Cantrell, came in and explained he was looking for his brother who, I assume, was the one that took off. Cantrell offered a large reward to any who could bring back his brother.

I was originally going to refuse; however one of the other passingers, Takchet, gave a good argument that I would need to travel to complete my mission of finding the Illithids anyway. Takchet appears to genually want to help with finding and distroying the Mind Flayers, but I do not believe he understands how dangerous they can be.

Tachet seems to be employed by a dwarf, Roar, who, as usual, seems only loyal to his clan. He seems like he would be good in a fight and by the scars on his knuckles will be a good person to spar against in the future. I get the feeling that he is well connected within his clan and is someone who always gets the job done.

There was a gnome dressed in the robes of a priest who seemed reluctant to join with the rest of us. She seemed very intrested in my quest and who my sensei was; I need to watch out for her as she may be employeed by one of my rivals to assest him in getting to the Illithids before me. I am especially leary of her as she seemed to drop the matter and joined us after she could not retrieve my sensei’s name from me.

There is another gnome named Qtip who is annoingly bright and loud, he does not give me the impression of loyalty beyond his current amusment. Although, his magic does seem like it would fit in at home, it does seem to be rather powerful when it works.



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