HP: 65
AC: 18 (+1 skirmishing, -2 raging)

Fort: 11
Ref: 10
Will: 2 (+2 when raging)

Base Attack: +4
Grapple: +10
Melee: +10
Ranged: +8

Languages: Common, Giant, Draconic, Goblin

Noteable skills:

Bluff: 1
Climb: 8
Diplomacy: 3
Disable Device: 2 (trained)
Handle Animal: 2 (trained)
Hide: 12
Jump: 16
Knowledge(dungeoneering): 2
Knowledge(geography): 6
Knowledge(nature): 8
Listen: 10
Move Silently: 12
Search: 9
Sense Motive: 6
Spot: 10
Survival: 10 (14 for above-ground tracking)


Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180lb.
Class: Scout
Alignment: Neutral

Equipment: Ark travels in a chain shirt. He has a greatsword tied to his back, with a bulging bag of various items, including weapons and assorted tools.

Description: Ark (or Rift as he is sometimes known) is exceptionally tall for a shifter, nearing the 6’ mark. He is of average weight for his size, but every ounce of his body is pure muscle. He moves with a catlike grace (haha!). His arms, legs, chest, sideburns, and head are covered in sleek, fine auburn hair intertwined with black. His mouth, when he opens it, displays two sharp fangs. Ark stands in an almost unnaturally upright stance (for a shifter) while walking. He usually speaks in a monotonic voice, and seems to attempt to suppress some hidden emotions.

Backstory: For the past few years, Ark has traveled the various rural communities of Breland doing various work, acting as a scout, mercenary, and tracker. Rumors state that he is originally from The Eldeen Reaches in the north, and has traveled south to get a new start in life. He has on occasion been into larger cities, even visiting Sharn once.


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